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One of the aims of SaddleAid is to support the sustainable local manufacture of the saddle. In 2015 90 saddles were made in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, following our patterns and instructions.

In 2019 we started a new partnership with 'Arakele' sewing college, a social enterprise based in Addis Ababa. Arakele teach underpriviliged girls to design and sew garnents, and other items, in order to give them a livelihood skill.


Following our trials in the Simien Mountains we have made a number of minor improvements to the saddle design, and are producing a new set of patterns and instructions. The instructions are designed to be understood with a minimum of accompanying text, and include an innovative and pioneering series of animated guides to help achieve this end.

10 2 finished saddle.jpg

An example of our animated instructions for saddle-making can be seen below. These can be used in conjunction with step-by-step photographs and drawings.

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