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SaddleAid seeks to improve the lives of working animals and their owners by supplying information and educational materials on harnessing. There are 100 million working equids worldwide, and many suffer on a daily basis due to inadequate harnessing and harsh working conditions.

We aim to achieve this in three ways.



SaddleAid is committed to providing relevant and accurate educational resources, and in order to do this we undertake a considerable amount of research. We believe that understanding the local historical, geographic, socio-economic and cultural context is an essential component of our work.



SaddleAid provides training courses in harnessing and data collection systems. These will be available in a number of formats, from onsite training to remote training and mentoring by Skype, and we are also developing an online training course.

Educational Materials


We intend to offer a range of educational materials, including online resources as well as downloadable ebooks with guidance, specifications, instructions and plans in the manufacture and use of different types of harnessing and associated equipment.

The Brooke-SaddleAid Harness Improvement Initiative

SaddleAid are currently working on a harness improvement initiative in collaboration with international working equine welfare charity Brooke

The results of this work will lead to a greater understanding of harnessing issues in sustainable development, in addition to the production of educational materials with practical guidance and solutions to improve local harnessing.

More information on the collaboration can be found on the Brooke webpage here

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